Spicy Italian Bruschetta

Number of Portions
Spicy Italian Bruschetta


- 500 grams tomatoes, skinned, de-seeded and chopped into approximately 1cm dice.
- 100 grams red onion, finely sliced into quarters
- 20 grams extra virgin olive oil
- 20 De Nigris White Wine vinegar
- 2 ciabatta loaves
- 50 grams Arrabbiata Seasoning
- 4 tbsp Premium Basil


Firstly, make a vinaigrette by whisking together the olive oil, white wine vinegar and Schwartz for Chef Arrabbiata Seasoning. Mix this with the chopped tomatoes and red onion.

Slice each ciabatta in half and then cut into 10 large slices. Grill until golden brown.

Top each slice of bread with the tomato mixture and garnish with the Schwartz for Chef Premium basil.