Sourcing the best


To get the best of anything takes effort, and here at McCormick we’re prepared to go the distance to find the highest quality spices and herbs available. In fact our passion for flavour takes us all around the world.

Our Global Sourcing Programme encourages our suppliers to create strong partnerships with farmers. We ask them to stress the need for producing high value products and to educate farmers on better ways to manage the harvest, storage and integrity of their products.

Our joint ventures and strategic alliances in countries of origin not only guarantee the consistency, variety and high quality of product that customers and chefs in the UK demand, but also provide year-round employment for more than 1,000 workers with fair wages, medical assistance, and advancement opportunities.



McCormick has committed to the sustainability principles for many years.

We care about our impact on the environment, our consumers, the communities in which we operate and the well-being and advancement of our employees. We view sustainability as an integral part of our business and essential to our success. It is truly our nature.

In the UK, in our Haddenham plant, we recently achieved a 48% rise in recycling and reduced electricity usage by 14% and water usage by 13%. In recognition of these achievements, outstanding employee engagement in sustainability efforts and ISO 14001 certification, this facility was awarded “Sustainable Manufacturer of the Year” for 2009 by a leading U.K. manufacturers’ publication.

If you have any further questions regarding the sourcing of our products, please call us on 08451 278278