Retaining all of the Flavour and Quality

In order to supply our customers with the very best products, McCormick has put in place a Vendor Assurance programme in Europe to permanently monitor supplier quality management, processes and procedures.

Throughout the supply chain, raw materials are rigorously tested for safety, authenticity, taste, integrity and traceability.

We have developed our own cleaning process for herbs and for seeds involving heat treatment to avoid any potential risk of natural contamination, making them safe to use, even without cooking. This process has been integral to our quality standards for many years. Following testing against our stringent quality and safety standards our herbs and spices are then packed under strict hygiene conditions.

McCormick has developed a dedicated European Central Analysis Laboratory that is accredited to ISO 9002 & 17025 which conducts over 60,000 separate analyses per year on more than 9,000 different product samples using the latest scientific techniques, including DNA testing, to ensure optimum quality and purity.

We also work closely with local food safety authorities, such as Governments and Spice Trade Associations (at European and National levels), to set and enhance herb and spice quality standards for consumers. For example, McCormick developed a process for identifying artificial dyes in Saffron which helped to set up ISO standards. To ensure the best quality for our customers we are, in many cases, “ahead” of legislation.

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