mcc20862_cholula_website_elements_packsCholula Hot Sauce


Welcome to La Familia where we share a love of one mouth-watering hot sauce. Crafted in Mexico, Cholula’s balanced and approachable flavour, and signature wooden cap have made it a beloved staple, and the world’s No.1 Mexican hot sauce*.

Based on a 100-year-old family recipe made with a unique blend of piquín & árbol peppers, Cholula brings authentic Mexican craftsmanship and tradition to professional kitchens and tabletops across the globe.



mcc20862_cholula_website_elements_recipebook_v2FUSIÓN MEXICANA – A FREE, DOWNLOADABLE CHOLULA-INSPIRED RECIPE BOOK

Click here to download our brand-new and exclusive Cholula recipe book ‘Fusión Mexicana’ for free, where you’ll find 11 of the UK’s top chefs and bartenders with their delicious foodservice-focused fusion recipes from around the world.


  • - Authentic recipes to inspire restaurants, bars & chefs with Mexican fusion cuisine.
  • - Menu-ready to serve 10, with nutritional information & allergens included.




From a moreish British squid curry to sharp and sour Vietnamese shaking beef or Cholula-infused cocktails, Cholula’s versatility means it can be used through a range of cuisines and dayparts - as a sauce, marinade or dip to elevate dishes and add authentic heat and flavour to your menu.


Available in:
- Original - 150ml tabletop
- Original - 1.89L back-of-house
- Chipotle - 150ml tabletop
- Chili Garlic – 150ml tabletop

*Euromonitor International Limited; based on custom research conducted August 2021 for value sales in 2020 through all retail channels. Mexican Hot sauce defined as spicy table sauce/condiment that are manufactured in Mexico.