Premium Tarragon


Schwartz Premium Tarragon is a freeze-dried herb that is specially selected to give recipes superior strength of flavour and the brilliant appearance of fresh herbs.

Uses in the Kitchen
Ideal for the busy chef, these herbs are already conveniently chopped and washed to save time. When added to liquids such as sauces, soups, oil, water etc, they rehydrate instantly to add colour, flavour and aroma to the dish. Culinary uses: Fish, poultry, egg dishes, game, salads, soups, butters, mustards, pickles and chutneys.

Tarragon was unknown in Europe until the Arabs introduced it when they ruled Spain. Tarragon, or "little dragon," has been one of the most popular herbs in Europe since the 16th century. It was used to cure the bites of dogs and poisonous snakes. Tarragon is one of the classic French herbs and is now widely used in classic French dishes giving a sweet, pine flavour. Tarragon is also a good stimulant to the appetite.

Flavour & Aroma
Sweetly aromatic, with hints of pine, anise or liquorice. Flavour is strong yet subtle with spicy anise and basil notes.

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