Case Study - Bekynton, Eton College

Savour the flavour and use less salt

Eton College was founded in 1440 by King Henry VI, whose aim was to train 70 young men to the service of the church and the state. The popularity and reputation of the college has since grown to accommodate the 1,300 boys educated there today.

Sodexo has provided a wide range of catering services for the masters and 13-18 year old students at Bekynton, Eton College since 1969, providing a modern yet eclectic variety of food for breakfasts, lunches and dinners, seven days a week, as well as other freshly made goodies such as bread, pastries and even yoghurt! Michael Godfrey, Executive Head Chef, says that one of the challenges he faces on a daily basis is the provision of a balanced offer that meets the tastes of his customers. To this end, Sodexo encourages customers to request favourite dishes and provide feedback on the catering.

Michael promotes ‘freedom of choice’ and undertakes to educate his customers in the benefits of salt in the diet as well as the dangers of taking too much. Therefore, customers are allowed to add salt themselves at the table and Michael reveals that actually, the consumption of table salt is very low because the chefs are reminded to taste, taste, taste whilst cooking.Michael adds, “At Bekynton we use salt very sparingly in the kitchen and instead rely on herbs and spices to add to and enhance the flavours in our food. At the end of the day, the most important element of any meal is the quality of the flavour and I place my trust in the Schwartz for Chef brand to deliver the best quality herbs and spices. At the end of the day, I’d rather use an ounce of quality than a pound of a much lesser product.”

Schwartz for Chef is a participant in the Craft Guild of Chefs ‘Partners in Business’ scheme and a great supporter of working with end users to share knowledge and information. Michael has developed a number of dishes that have been used on his Eton menu that contain no salt to demonstrate how easy it can be. All of these recipes are available on

James Millward, Commercial Director, McCormick (UK) Ltd adds, “We value the importance of speaking directly to end users to learn about the issues that affect them day to day.  This way, what we can offer in terms of product advice and support is meaningful and of relevance.”

Why does Schwartz for Chef work for Bekynton, Eton College?

  • Michael trusts in the heritage of the brand and the quality it delivers
  • Only the finest quality herbs and spices are used in the Schwartz for Chef range so only a small amount is required to deliver maximum taste
  • Schwartz for Chef herbs and spices are heat treated for microbiological safety, making them safe to use, even without cooking
  • Schwartz for Chef uses the resource of its parent company, McCormick, in order to supply authentic, high quality products, with full traceability