Instantly add profit and flavour to your dishes with the superior Schwartz seasonings range. Specifically blended for chefs, our versatile seasonings have been crafted to deliver more flavour, choice, inspiration and ultimately, allow you to increase your profit margins.

Check out the fantastic bank of recipes and accompanying videos below to discover how Schwartz can give you more...

How Schwartz gives The Bike Beans Cycle Café more

Find out how Schwartz has helped Bike Beans Cycle Café to instantly add profit and flavour to their dishes with our superior seasonings range.

  • Sticky BBQ Pulled Pork Wrap

    A great on-trend recipe featuring Grill Mates Deep South Brown Sugar and our Classic BBQ seasoning...a fantastic lunch time special.

  • Piri Piri Chicken Panini

    Check out the video to see how the Piri Piri seasoning adds value and flavour to this simple dish - it’s sure to leave your customers wanting more.

  • Chicken Fajita Jacket

    Watch the video to find out how to very easily jazz up your jacket potato offering with the versatile Fajita seasoning.

  • Smokey Italian Meatballs

    Check out this great Italian dish and discover how to add an authentic flavour boost to your dishes!

How Schwartz gives The Grove Pub more

Find out how Schwartz has helped The Grove Pub in Ealing instantly add profit and flavour to their dishes with our quality seasonings range.

  • Seasoned Rack of Lamb (with all the trimmings)

    Check out how our Schwartz Montreal Steak Seasoning adds a unique twist to a delicious cut of lamb.

  • Brill en Papillote

    See how our versatile Season all Seasoning adds flavour to this delicate fish - perfect for the specials board.

  • Shellfish Soup with Whipped Cream

    Watch this video and discover how our Piri Piri Seasoning adds value to this delicious soup.

  • Sunday Special Roast Chicken

    Discover how your roasts can stand out from the crowd by adding extra flavour using our fantastic Chicken Seasoning.