Pulled Beef Brisket with Brown Sugar

Number of Portions
Pulled beef brisket recipe for food service outlets


- For the brisket
- 2 kg whole piece of brisket beef
- 2 onions, quartered
- 600 ml beef stock
- 400 ml tomato ketchup
- 2 tbsp Deep South Brown Sugar
- For the barbecue sauce
- 50 grams Deep South Brown Sugar
- 300 ml cooking juices from the beef brisket (with as little fat as possible)
- 200 ml tomato ketchup


Remove any excess fat from the beef. Then heat a large frying pan and add the beef. Fry it for about 5-10 minutes each side to seal it and give it a good colour. Then place in a large roasting tray with the onions.

Mix together the stock, ketchup and Schwartz Deep South Brown Sugar Seasoning and pour over the beef and onion, then cover the whole dish with tin foil or a lid and roast at 160°C / 325°F / Gas 3 for 4-6 hours or until tender.

Remove from oven and leave to rest. Strain the meat juices, removing as much fat as you can, and set aside as this is used for the sauce.

Mix all the ingredients together for the sauce, place in a pan and simmer for 10 minutes to reduce slightly and bring the flavour together. Remember to check the seasoning at this stage.

Serve in wraps or brioche buns with salad or coleslaw.


You can cook the beef in a slow cooker where it will take around 12 hours.