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Immersed in the New York food scene at McCormick’s Culinary Summit 2018

July 27, 2018

Written by Ian Craddock – Senior Research Chef, EMEA Culinary Team

Occasionally I have to pinch myself to check that this is really my job and last month was one such time. I, along with other members of the EMEA Culinary...

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Add ginger to mussels for a spicy Thai dish

Spices combine to create a tasty Thai seafood dish

January 7, 2013

When thinking of new inspirational recipes to spice up their restaurant's menu, caterers may often look to traditional favourites for...

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Spices can complement fruit

Salads can be spicy and refreshing

January 7, 2013

When it comes to preparing starter options, it is easy for professional caterers to rest on their laurels and throw any old salad or soup offerings together.

However, there are plenty of methods for more adventurous individuals who...

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Curries with the right section selection of spices remove comma do not need to be unhealthy

Adding the right spices can make a curry a healthy treat

January 4, 2013

Newly crowned 16-times world darts champion Phil Taylor has been speaking about his love of food and his battle with his weight.

He told the Mirror that he has tried many diets over the years, but this is the first time that he has...

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Spice up healthy meals this January

Spice up healthy meals this January

January 3, 2013

At this time of year, everyone is looking to shed a few pounds after the festive indulgences, but that does not mean that meals need to become boring.

Kelly Boyer, founder of Paleta, told Glamour magazine that it is easy to cook up...

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Spice up a salad in January

Spice up a salad in January

January 2, 2013

After the indulgences of the party season, many people will be looking to make new years resolutions in regard to their diet.

However, that does not mean that the taste needs to be compromised in search of fewer calories.

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Ginger and chillies are great with seafood

Bake fish with culinary spices

December 31, 2012

There are so many great ways for caterers to come up with something truly distinctive to add to their restaurant's menu.

Our resident expert Chef Steve says that one of his main sources of professional inspiration is...

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Parsley is highly versatile

Parsley is great for post Christmas meals

December 28, 2012

The big day itself may be over, but caterers up and down the country are still likely to be tasked with preparing great abundances of traditional Christmas meals as parties still book up restaurants in the latter part of the season.

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Dont throw away festive ingredients yet

Resurrect festive leftovers with herbs and spices

December 27, 2012

While the big day has been and gone, this does not mean that the festive season is completely over!

However, up and down the country, professional caterers are likely to be piled up with leftover seasonal ingredients that they...

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Cinnamon can make a festive smoothie

Dont shy away from festive breakfast options

December 24, 2012

Christmas is a hugely busy time of year for professional caterers as diners pile into restaurants to enjoy traditional seasonal dishes.

However, while the occasion is clearly most closely associated with a massive roast dinner,...

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