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Chilli can work in sweet dishes

Chillies are highly versatile

Culinary spices have a great deal to offer professional caterers - selecting different pairings can lead to the creation of radically different curries - even if all the other ingredients are much the same.

Our resident expert Chef Steve says that the best thing about herbs and spices is their versatility - there is so much more that they can offer beyond curry options.

Indeed, co-founder of the South Devon Chilli Farm Steve Waters said that they can work very well in sweet dishes.

He said that his own organisation offer an apple jelly product that is made from chillies - adding that it is also working with another local firm to create a chilli and chocolate ice cream that works very well.

"Anything dairy tends to give you a bit of cover from chillies and sugary things as well," he remarked, adding: "People make chilli chocolate cakes, so there's quite a few things you can do with chillies."

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