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Spices enhance healthy properties of broccoli

Spices could enhance broccolis cancer fighting properties

Adding a few culinary spices to a dish containing broccoli could be an easy way for people to give their health a boost.

Certain foodstuffs, such as mustard, horseradish and wasabi contain an enzyme called myrosinase.

Now, researchers at the University of Illinois have discovered that this enzyme is required to form sulforaphane, the component found in broccoli that can help fight cancer.

Therefore, the study suggests that adding spices to broccoli enhances its wellbeing properties and makes the effect of the sulforaphane even stronger, meaning broccoli becomes an extra healthy vegetable for humans.

This news comes after nutrition consultant for Charlotte Stirling-Reed explained it is important for individuals to consume a variety of different foods if they wish to ensure their wellbeing.

It is also a good idea to avoid eating too much sugar or anything high in fat as this can lead to weight gain, she commented.

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