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Majority of population does not know what healthy food is

Education of what constitutes healthy diet is needed according to an expert

Cooks of inspirational recipes may be among the minority of the population that knows what foods can contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Helena Oades, nutritionist for educational workshop provider Zeal Health, claimed that a large portion of the UK population "does not know what healthy food is".

She specified that this lack of knowledge can lead people to make choices they believe to be healthy when in fact they are not.

Ms Oades conceded that clearer food labelling on the part of producers would be a great contribution to general understanding.

Commenting on how to bring about a change in current weight trends, she argued that "education about food labelling [and] an understanding about how different foods affect the body and regular exercise [is] essential".

Charlotte Stirling-Reed, nutrition consultant for health advisory website, recently said that the link between nutrition and reduced cancer risk is not completely understood by professionals but diet is certainly a factor.

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