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Cooking is fun sociable and relaxing

Have a fun evening cooking with friends

Cooks of adventurous recipes can share the work with their friends for a fun and sociable night in.

This is according to Helena Oades, a nutritionist for Zeal Health.

Instead of a takeaway, she suggested cooking the food you would usually order at home.

"Cooking can be fun, sociable and relaxing," she remarked, noting there would also be health benefits to this decision, as you will know what has gone into your meal and can modify the ingredients to taste or diet requirements.

"That way you get to enjoy a treat, know what you are eating and most importantly, get to take all the credit," she claimed.

Further advising on how to avoid the need for takeaways, she recommended having a list of recipes that are quick and easy to make, such as stir-fries and pasta-based meals.

She also advised planning your weeks meals ahead, thereby avoiding coming home to an empty fridge.

The Local Government Association recently stated that one portion of chicken tikka masala and pilau rice contained 116 per cent of a person's Guideline Daily Amount of saturated fat and 92 per cent of their salt. 

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