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Spices can make a quick and mild curry

Spices are essential for curries

Culinary spices have many uses for professional caterers - not least of which is their ability to help create a range of exotic curry dishes.

Celebrity chef Nigel Slater has recommended using cumin, mustard and garlic in the preparation of a recipe for spiced beef.

In an article for the Guardian, he explained that this is a relatively mild option that is very quick to prepare.

This could be ideal for caterers who have to turn a high volume of meals around in a relatively short space of time.

Our resident expert Chef Steve says one of his favourite things about spices is the fact that they can be used to bring a new taste sensation to almost any dish.

With this in mind, caterers could always think about using new combinations of the ingredients.

Taking Slater's suggestion as a springboard, you could adapt the recipe to your own ends - and offer hotter or milder varieties.

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