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Fry monkfish with paprika

Add spices to seafood dishes

The possible uses of culinary spices are so extensive that they can offer some new twist to almost any recipe.

Indeed, our resident expert Chef Steve says that this kind of versatility is exactly the reason he loves the ingredients so much.

Celebrity chef Nigel Slater suggested adding paprika - along with the classic combination of salt and pepper - to the pan when frying a monkfish with pancetta and clams.

In an article for the Observer, he recommended cooking the fish like this until the meat has a little colour on each side.

He added that the introduction of smoked bacon or chorizo cut into small slices could also make great twists.

The really adventurous caterer could try and bring their own unique twist to the dish by coming up with new combinations of herbs and spices.

Simply think about what properties of one ingredient complement the others.

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