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Diet important to reducing cancer risk

Eating lots of fruit as part of a healthy diet could reduce the risk of cancer

Chefs of creative cuisine who are wondering what role food might play in general health may be interested to learn a healthy diet can reduce cancer risk.

This is according to scientific advisor at the Association for International Cancer Research Dr Lara Bennett, who claimed individuals who eat large quantities of processed meat may increase their chances of contracting bowel cancer.

She noted this was particularly the case if they are overweight and not as physically active as they could be.

Dr Bennett advised adopting a diet of low saturated fats in order to circumvent this and also warned against smoking and excess alcohol consumption.

"We know that a diet high in fruits and vegetables and low in saturated fats and processed meats could lower the risk of bowel cancer," the expert commented.

Earlier this year, research from the United Arab Emirates University found a potential link between saffron and a reduction in the malevolence of liver cancer and further research is currently underway to verify this.

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