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Coriander and chilli make a taco dip

Green chillies are spicy option for a salsa dip

Cooks looking for flavour pairings to serve Mexican food dishes may wish to try soft tacos with frijoles and salsa.

The meal was suggested by professional chef and food writer Mark Hix in the Independent.

He recommended two salsas - the first an avocado variety that included one of the vegetables diced, lime juice and black pepper.

A white-onion salsa was another option Mr Hix offered and used coriander, green chilli, lime juice, caster sugar, salt and one of the aforementioned vegetables.

"This might look like a lot of ingredients, but the joy of tacos is in the extras and making them exactly how you like them. And they really are so quick to make," he remarked.

All the preparation the dips required was mixing the ingredients together in a bowl.

Mr Hix opened his first restaurant - the Oyster & Chop House - in London three years ago and he has regular columns in the Independent and Esquire.

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