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Chef shares tips for the perfect curry

Spices should be cooked carefully to avoid burning

Those looking for new ideas on how to best introduce culinary spices to curry dishes may wish to avoid overspicing.

Professional chef Reza Mahammad offered this advice in the Independent as one of his top tips for the perfect curry.

He explained spices should not overpower the flavour of key ingredients, but enhance the overall meal.

Mr Mahammad also warned salt should not be underestimated, as it pulls all the ingredients together.

A sharp knife for food preparation was another suggestion, in addition to careful cooking of spices so as to avoid burning them.

Finally, the expert encouraged a bold attitude.

"Any time when you've had a dish which you really enjoyed, you can recreate that by asking and understanding that the core components use X, Y and Z," he remarked.

The chef took over the management of family restaurant the Star of India when he was only 16 and cites his breakthrough as the Delhi Belly television show hosted with Sanjeev Bhaskar.

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