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Spice up some potato wedges

Spices add a lot to potato wedges

Potato wedges are an example of one dish that can really benefit from the addition of a range of culinary spices.

Celebrity chef Bill Granger shared his ingredients for his version of the recipe in an article for the Independent.

"These are great fun and full of attitude, with plenty of flavours bouncing off the sweetness of the potatoes and maple syrup," he commented.

Indeed, our resident expert Chef Steve says that herbs and spices are his favourite ingredients because of their ability to bring something new to almost any food - and potato wedges are a fine example of this being put into action.

Granger suggested the use of cayenne pepper, cinnamon and chilli flakes - as well as thyme.

However, in order to truly set your restaurant's menu offerings apart from the crowd, it could be worth trying different flavour pairings of your own.

So don't be afraid to try throwing things together that you wouldn't usually think of doing.

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