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Keep chutneys nice and simple

Keep chutneys nice and simple

Offering something that sets your cooking apart from competitors is always a difficult task for cooks.

However, this doesn't necessarily have to include major changes to recipes, as small innovations can make the largest difference.

Offering a variety of different chutneys is good a way to help bring a new taste sensation to any meat dish.

Keeping it simple when making a new chutney is vital, according to author of First Preserves: Chutneys Vivien Lloyd.

Ms Lloyd said all that is needed to make a chutney is some basic principles and skills, rather than trying to create something complex.

"If you start off on the basics and then move through - chutneys are one of the first things that people often start to make," she added.

Simply adding some spices can make a large difference to any dish and our Bick's range of relishes and salsa could really help out in the kitchen.

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