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Herbs contribute to an end of season veg recipe


One of the most effective ways for professional caterers to come up with enticing new meals to draw diners in to their restaurant is to think about the kind of foods that are popular at this time of year.

Being late autumn, there are plenty of end-of-season vegetables that could be at their best right now.

Celebrity chef Nigel Slater recommended using tomatoes - which are one great example of such a seasonal veg - to serve with an anchovy crumb crust.

In an article for the Guardian, he explained that this can be a great main meal, "but it also makes a cracking accompaniment to a steak".

"If you want to make a more substantial meal of it, a little rice might be the answer, or even some soft polenta," the expert continued.

He suggested using culinary herbs like basil, coriander and parsley in the preparation of the dish.

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