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Chilli can give a Japanese dish a twist

Add chillies to dumplings

Researching the culinary traditions of other cultures can really give you a wide range of ideas for bringing something new and distinctive to your restaurant's menu.

Indeed, this could be a simple case of being careful with your selection of culinary spices.

Celebrity chef Bill Granger recommended a Japanese-influenced prawn and scallop gyoza in an article for the Independent.

He underlined how much fun making dumplings can be, adding that the inclusion of chillies can give it a significant twist.

"I tend to be a bit more Chinese and Thai with my chilli than Japanese, so I've made these quite hot, but you can easily use less chilli if you prefer," the expert remarked.

Another fun way of approaching this kind of meal can be to come up with different combinations of herbs and spices and thinking of how to integrate them with a dish.

Don't be afraid to try things that you wouldn't normally pair together.

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