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Curry potatoes with herbs

A range of herbs and spices can be used to curry potatoes

Cooks looking for new flavour pairings for vegetarian dishes could try preparing curried potatoes with fried eggs.

Celebrity chef Bill Granger shared his ingredients for this recipe in the Independent and described it as "the perfect fridge-ends fricassee".

He recommended bringing potatoes to simmer in a pan of cold water until they become tender and cutting into small chunks when ready.

Mustard seeds were then heated in a pan of oil with curry powder, garlic, ginger and turmeric until the seeds start to pop.

The potatoes were then introduced to the pan before spring onions, chilli and salt were thrown in.

Granger's serving suggestion was to share among the required number of plates, placing a quickly-fried egg on top and scattering with curry leaves.

Award-winning professional baker Dan Lepard recently recommended the use of potatoes as the key filling ingredient for an ale-crust pastry in an article for the same newspaper.

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