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A healthy diet enhances the mood

A good diet can help maintain a cheerful mood

Lovers of inspirational recipes may be able to curb the winter blues with the help of good diet.

Media spokeswoman for the Seasonal Affective Disorder Association (SADA) Sue Pavlovich claimed eating healthily can help lift an individual's mood.

Foods she specified would be conductive to this purpose included bananas, chocolate, dates, eggs, fish, milk, nuts and oats.

Ms Pavlovich explained there is a general consensus among nutritionists that these products contain tryptophan, which boosts the body's levels of the mood-enhancing hormone serotonin and also recommended the consumption of specific types of carbohydrates.

"It is also sensible to eat complex carbohydrates in preference to refined carbohydrates (for example, wholemeal instead of white bread) and to avoid excessive amounts of these foods in any case," the expert commented.

Nutrition consultant for Charlotte Stirling-Reed recently claimed eating a wide variety of food - including dairy and non-dairy protein and wholegrain carbohydrates - is necessary to sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

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