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Pasta carbonara is a great British classic

Pasta carbonara is a great British classic

Pasta carbonara is undoubtedly a British institution. Sure, it may have its origins in the Apennines, but its underlying ingredients of ham and eggs is something very few Britons have ever gone without.

While it can be boiled down to pasta, eggs, ham and Parmesan, there are infinitely many ways to prepare the dish and regional variations are commonplace in both Britain and Italy - as well as practically every other country on the planet come to think of it.

Topped with a little cracked black pepper, pasta carbonara is a dish that crosses class boundaries. Its rich flavours and simplistic ingredients make it a fine-dining no-brainer. But the fact that it is very simple to prepare makes it perfect for a working lunch.

While we cannot give you a definitive carbonara recipe, we can give you a few hints and tips.

Start with good spaghetti and cook it al dente. Ditch the cream and just use eggs and butter for the sauce. Oh, and make sure you use plenty of black pepper to grind out the great flavours the dish boasts.

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