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Fresh eggs can transform old recipes

Fresh eggs can transform old recipes

Resurrecting old recipes often means delving into the back of your cupboard in search of interesting culinary spices.

Like most fashions, cookery changes over time and trends are often reborn. In many senses, culinary spices never go out of fashion, but there are times when they are infinitely more popular.

The same goes not just for the sorts of fresh ingredients that people have in their fridges, but how they were farmed.

There has been a significant shift toward organic, ethical, sustainably farmed food - which not only guarantees a clear conscience, but a better flavour.

And eggs are a prime example. People increasingly expect their eggs to be free range and the hens which have laid them to be treated humanely.

Jennifer Trainer Thompson, a expert in egg farming, told Reuters that the biggest difference between free range and battery hen eggs is the colour.

"Hens that are fed food scraps and given free range in a pasture have a deeper yellow yolk, almost orange, while commercial eggs have yolks that are lemon yellow.

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