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Fast food can be healthy

Fast food can be healthy

Fast food doesn't have to be bought from a high-street chain, it can be made at home. What's more, it can be healthy to boot.

British consumers are not only getting more health aware - by] making sure they get their five a day - they are increasingly concerned about the amount of money they are spending on food.

Stocking your cupboard with culinary spices is a great way to economise. The versatility of spices and herbs means you can create any number of dishes from a small, simple - and most importantly - cheap, selection of fresh ingredients.

Curries, stir fries, Moroccan salads and spicy fajita wraps can all be prepared in a matter of minutes and made as healthy as you like.

The great thing is that fast food can provide you with an array of inspirational recipes that you can easily adapt, making mealtimes much more interesting and varied.

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