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Experiment with flavourings for spicy carrot soup

Coriander could be a good addition to carrot soup

There are many steps caterers can take to make sure their restaurant really stands out from the crowd.

A policy of culinary innovation could not hurt - as diners are likely to remember distinctive taste sensations they may not have tried before.

If more outre dishes are offered alongside traditional favourites, there will definitely be something for everyone.

Alternatively, you could try bringing a new twist to the classics by introducing new and exciting combinations of herbs and spices.

In an article for the Guardian, celebrity chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall recommended the use of cumin and coriander in a carrot soup.

These are fairly conventional additions to this recipe - so why not try an alternative approach?

For instance, cinnamon could create a very successful and sweeter version of this staple starter option.

Here at Schwartz for Chef, we really advocate this kind of culinary innovation - so let your imagination run wild!

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