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Artist creates edible British landmarks

Artist creates edible British landmarks

Seeing Stonehenge is a once-in-a-lifetime thing for most people. But seeing a recreation of the iconic landmark made out of cheese and biscuits is an equally unusual sight.

It is not often that culinary spices and dried herbs are used in architecture. When they are, however, the consequences are astonishing.

Food artist Prudence Staite has been hand-crafting Britain's most famous landmarks out of edible goodies for some time now, and the list of her creations reads like an eclectic restaurant menu.

There's the aforementioned cheese and biscuits Stonehenge, a club sandwich rendition of Big Ben and even a savoury rendition of the whole of Birmingham's skyline - complete with the Bullring bull carved entirely out of butter.

While we don't condone using food to make buildings structurally sound, we do expect you to get creative in the kitchen with the ingredients you have to hand.

In the words of Ms Staite: "The key ... is to let your imagination run wild - anything goes."

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