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Parsley may have anti cancer properties

Herbs and spices boast a variety of health benefits

Culinary herbs are known to have medicinal value but recent research suggests that the effect may be more pronounced than first thought, reporting that parsley may have anti-cancer properties.

According to research by the University of Missouri, parsley could help to slow the growth and multiplication of breast cancer cells.

The active chemical, known as apigenin, was administered to laboratory rats with cancer.

As a consequence, the rats developed fewer tumours and a "significant delay" in tumour formation.

"It appears that keeping a minimal level of apigenin in the bloodstream is important to delay the onset of [certain types of] breast cancer," commented Salman Hyder, a leading professor in tumour angiogenesis at the Dalton Cardiovascular Research Centre.

This follows earlier research that indicated that adding cumin, rosemary and turmeric to recipes could reduce carcinogens in cooked meats.

Professor Hyder added: "It's probably a good idea to eat a little parsley and some fruit every day to ensure the minimal amount."

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