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Herbs will take cooking to another level says farmer

Growing herbs can be a great way to add freshness to foods

Herb farmer Jeff Sorenson has advised chefs to look into growing some herbs in their own gardens.

While regional weather conditions mean it's unlikely anyone can grow all the culinary herbs they'll need, such as oregano, some are worth exploring.

"If you remotely like food, using fresh herbs - more than any other ingredient - will take your cooking to a higher level," Mr Sorenson told the Denver Post.

Those lucky enough to live in warmer climates were advised to try growing ginger and turmeric.

"Ginger is a wonderful houseplant, very tropical-looking," commented Tammi Hartung, author of Homegorwn Herbs.
"Harvest the roots at the beginning of January as they go dormant. Use some, [and] then plant the others. But don't overwater - they'll rot."

Recent research by Anna Ludlum, from Kansas State University, suggests that integrating herbs and spices into your diet can boost your overall health.

She claims that spices can be used in place of sugars or salt and that cinnamon has one of the "highest antioxidant levels of any spice".

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