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More kitchens could operate without pans

Kitchen pans could be a thing of the past

Increasing numbers of caterers across the country could begin to operate without pans, as a pub in Lancashire is to become the first in the UK have a newly-developed almost panless kitchen.

A £50,000 Eco-Chef kitchen re-opened this month after significant renovation work that has seen it change the way its staff prepare creative cuisine for guests.

Food is cooked in ultra-modern water baths and state of the art stoves, with diners being invited to see how it is all done.

The Shoulder of Mutton in Holcombe village near Ramsbottom is an 18th century tavern and executive chef Chris Yates welcomed the developments.

"Not that we'll be changing to a modern menu - our food will stay traditional but cooked in a modern French blanch style that simplifies everything, guarantees consistency and is very eco-green," he remarked.

Indeed, the finest and freshest ingredients are used, with fresh ice cream being prepared on site.

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