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Coriander brings flavour to a robust tempeh dish

Salads can be adjusted according to the requirements of the diner

Coriander can be used to bring flavour to a wide range of dishes and this is particularly the case for vegetarian options.

McCormick's resident expert Chef Steve says one of his favourite things about culinary herbs is their ability to bring out the natural tastes of other ingredients.

So when caterers are working with a variety of natural products like mung beans, lemon and Greek yoghurt, the results are likely to be a real delight.

Indeed, food photographer and cookbook author Heidi Swanson recommended making a pan-fried salad from these ingredients in an article for the Daily Telegraph.

She explains that mung beans "display a beautiful range of earthy greens when cooked and are dense, nutty and quite filling".

It was noted that tempeh can be added to create a robust and satisfying vegetarian option, or they can be left out if a simple bean salad side serving is all that is required.

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