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US panel picks 2011 food trends

New noodle flavours are set to be popular in 2011

Chocolate for breakfast, foods for healing and new noodles are among the top five food trends for 2011 identified by a panel of experts.

At the 36th Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, a group that included Cindy Hatcher of Cooking Light, Nancy Hopkins of Better Homes & Gardens and Food & Wine's Tina Ujlaki said creative chips and "heat with flavour" would also be popular.

The latter includes foodstuffs such as ghost peppers, yuzu-wasabi sauce and piquillo almond glop.

Among the healing foods set to be popular are aloe and cucumber drinks, healing teas and Blackwater, which contains a variety of minerals.

New favourites for noodle lovers are expected to include yam, kelp, spelt and faro.

Those who do not fancy the healthy-sounding trends set to be popular this year might prefer to try eating more chocolate for breakfast, such as Belgian waffles, or granola and hot chocolate on a stick.

This comes after Chris Macias of the Sacramento Bee said humane foods in which the animals are given a comfortable life before they are slaughtered are set to sought after in 2011. 

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