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Spice Trail could prove inspirational

Spice Trail could prove inspirational

Chefs on the lookout for new and exciting recipe ideas could be inspired by BBC Two's The Spice Trail, which sees Springwatch presenter Kate Humble travel the globe in search of exotic ingredients.

Her first destination is India, where she discovers the story behind pepper, the most consumed spice in the world, after which she heads to Sri Lanka to take part in the harvesting of cinnamon.

The second episode of the series sees Humble journey around eastern Indonesia's fabled spice islands on the hunt for nutmeg and cloves, while episode three takes her from Morocco to Spain in search of vanilla and saffron.

This latter spice is also known as red gold and was taken to Spain by the Berbers of Morocco during the Muslim conquest of the eighth century.

Humble then travels to Paplanta in Mexico to meet the Totonac, the original guardian of vanilla, as well as the people eager to maintain the Mexican spice's popularity in the face of huge competition from other producers.

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