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Herbs and spices key ingredients in the worlds favourite condiments

Spices are used to make many sauces

Spices and herbs are key ingredients in many of the different sauces used around the world to add flavour to dishes.

Writing for the Guardian's Word of Mouth blog, Julie Bindel noted turmeric and pepper are used to create the sweet and spicy condiment called Lizana that is popular in Costa Rica, while in Chile, coriander, garlic and ground spicy hot peppers are added to barbecued meat.

Food enthusiasts on the Canary Islands favour mojo picon, a mix of garlic, cumin, paprika, vinegar, dried chillies and olive oil that is used on small potatoes and fresh fish.

In addition, the Calgary Herald recently noted herbs and spices such as thyme and marjoram are used in many Caribbean dishes.

However, condiments popular in Britain tend to be less complicated, as the country is famed for its "love of tomato ketchup".

Ms Bindel said she is a fan of Tabasco and admitted she occasionally takes it with her when invited to dinner by friends who have limited cooking skills.

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