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Garam masala a go to spice blend

Garam masala is a versatile spice

Chefs looking for a new dish to serve up this year might want to experiment with garam masala.

It has been described as the "go-to spice blend" in India by Jill Silva, writing for, who has recommended a recipe of garam masala grilled chicken, served with naan bread.

She explained there are numerous variations of the spice mix that have subtle differences, but, as the name translates as "warm" or "hot", the seasoning is guaranteed to add some "spicy heat" to a dish.

Coriander, cumin, dried chillies and pepper are among the ingredients generally included in garam masala, which, Ms Silva noted, is becoming more popular on the US market and can be found on the shelves of many larger supermarkets.

Saffron rice is another popular ingredient for Indian dishes and Carole Kotkin, in an article for the McClatchy Tribune, recently noted its intense flavour and yellow colour are two reasons why it has been sought-after since early Egyptian times.

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