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Cinnamon is an excellent ingredient

Cinnamon could be a great ingredient to include in savoury dishes

Professional chefs keen to impress customers with creative cuisine this year may want to consider using cinnamon in savoury dishes, a spice that has been described as an "excellent ingredient" when it comes to expanding culinary horizons.

Author Harold McGee's book On Food and Cooking, as featured by News OK, explains that there are different types of cinnamon, one of which can be traced back to China and Vietnam.

This is more commonly known as cassis and is stronger in flavour and darker, while another - native to Sri Lanka or Ceylon - is light brown and sweet.

In the Middle East, the spice is used to complement chicken and lamb, while in Africa it features in berbere and Moroccan tagines, and in Mexico can be found in chocolate.

Throwing it into the mixing pot at this time of year could prove to be a winner all round, with the Star-Telegram describing cinnamon as "one of the signature spices of winter".

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