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Chefs advised to keep Christmas spices to hand

Christmas spices could be used outside of the festive season

Christmas may be done and dusted but this doesn't mean the kitchen need neglect festive tastes until December returns once more.

The Irish Times advised cooks interested in making adventurous recipes to sprinkle flavours such as ginger, nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon into their dishes, a move that could see ultimate taste retained while restricting use of salt or sugar to a minimum.

"If you do one thing this week, don't put away the Christmas spices," the publication suggested.

It went on to extol the benefits of cinnamon in particular, describing it as a "health superstar" and referring to a paper in Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition that explained the spice could prove effective in the treatment of infectious diseases and cancer.

This comes after the Shasta County Health and Human Services Agency noted in a Record Searchlight article that replacing salt with herbs and spices could help people reduce sodium intake and improve their health. 

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