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Boost cabbage consumption with spices

Cabbages taste could be improved with spices

One of the more maligned vegetables is undoubtedly the cabbage, but how can professional cooks encourage people to eat what has been described as comfort food?

Speaking to the New York Times, chef Marcus Samuelsson observed that many associate the vegetable with poverty and culinary limitations, but there could be ways to use adventurous recipes to bring its distinctive flavour out in a more positive light.

Mr Samuelsson, born in Ethiopa, mentioned a traditional African dish of warm cabbage and green beans, which features a braise made with garlic, ginger, cumin, oregano, cardamom, fenugreek and basil, as well as nigella sativa.

Noting that it tastes even better a day or two later, the news source observed: "In this profusion, no spice stands out. All meld."

In order to encourage the consumption of this vegetable, cooks might want to follow the advice of Kat Hannaford of the Daily Telegraph, who recently said kitchens should be stocked with a wide variety of herbs and spices.

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