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Try new herbs in chicken kievs

Try making kievs with new herbs

Chicken kievs are a very easy food to make and it can be a good idea for caterers to produce them in bulk so they have a useful fallback dish.

In an article for the Guardian, cookbook writer Felicity Cloake asserted that it is a perennially popular meal and you don't need to worry about achieving the perfect shape.

"The only thing that really matters with a kiev is that when you cut into that crisp shell, you're rewarded with an eruption of vivid green, garlicky butter," she commented.

Garlic, parsley and tarragon are the main culinary herbs Ms Cloake included in her recipe, but here at Schwartz for Chef, we really advocate culinary innovation.

In the spirit of this ethos - and in order to serve your diners something truly distinctive that will keep them coming back for more - why not try making a kiev with your own combination of herbs?

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