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Sweet and savoury can dazzle at dinner parties

Sweet and savoury can dazzle at dinner parties

Combining sweet and savoury foods is often seen as risky by many, but it doesn't have to be.

And with the right adventurous recipes in your repertoire, you can impress guests at a dinner party with your ability to combine the sweet and salty, sour and savoury.

In fact, there is a long British tradition of combining fruit with savoury items - think chutney and cheese or turkey and cranberry sauce.

Our very own Steve Love, concept development chef at the McCormick Flavour Group, has built his career on experimenting with different flavours.

So, when celebrity chef Mark Hix offers up a duck salad with a juicy cherry twist in the Independent, it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise.

Le canard a l'orange is one of the most iconic French culinary exports to make it to British shores, but with cherry, the hidden depths of duck meat can be brought out.

The key to Hix's simple salad is to steep the cherries in cider vinegar overnight before adding them to the salad.

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