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Herb burgers are a tasty vegetarian treat

Herbs can be used to make burgers

Many caterers turn to culinary herbs to help them bring something a little different to an old favourite dish.

Indeed, our resident expert Chef Steve says the scope the ingredients offer for doing this is one of his favourite things about them.

However, here at Schwartz for Chef, we really advocate culinary innovation, so why not try going one step further and using herbs to lead a recipe?

For instance, in an article for the Observer, celebrity chef Nigel Slater recommended preparing herb burgers.

This could be just as tasty as a regular burger, not to say much greener and vegetarian-friendly.

He suggested the use of basil, chives, garlic and parsley, bulking it out with a variety of beans and tomatoes.

The best thing about this kind of recipe is the fact that it is highly customisable - so why not bring your own unique twist to it? This could really set your restaurant apart from the crowd.

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