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Flavour a corn pudding with spices

Chilli works well in corn pudding

Caterers are spoilt for choice when looking for innovative new dishes to bring to their range of adventurous recipes.

One effective approach is to take a classic recipe and introduce your own unique twist with unusual flavour pairings.

Our resident expert Chef Steve says herbs and spices are the ideal ingredient for this goal, adding that they can really bring out the natural flavour of other foods.

In an article for the Independent, celebrity chef Bill Granger recommended the use of chilli in a recipe for corn pudding.

He suggested it would make a great accompaniment to ribs and pineapple salsa.

While this will undoubtedly be delicious, caterers could really set their restaurant apart from the crowd by trying to add different culinary spices and see what it does for the flavour.

Cinnamon could be a good option if it is being served with pork, as the ingredient is sweet, but not necessarily too much for a main course.

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