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Fennel can make a tasty dish in its own right

Fennel can be baked for a unique dish

There are many sources of new ideas caterers can turn to when coming up with new adventurous recipes for their restaurant's menu.

Our resident expert Chef Steve says one of his key sources of inspiration is researching the culinary traditions of other cultures.

He also advocates the use of culinary spices and herbs as versatile ingredients that can really bring out the natural flavours of other food.

However, they should not be ruled out as a potential menu offering in their own right.

For instance, chef and patron of Ottolenghi and Nopi in London Yotam Ottolenghi recommended baked fennel with tomato and anchovy in an article for the Guardian.

"The fennel is cooked in milk to tone down its aniseedy edge," he commented, describing the dish as being very comforting.

"You can strain the milk after and reuse it in a potato gratin or fish pie," Mr Ottolenghi added.

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