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Olive oil found to prevent strokes

Olive Oil has been found to reduce the risk of strokes

Home chefs have been encouraged to use olive oil in creative cuisines to improve their health. 

New research has shown that those who use olive oil prodigiously greatly reduce their risk of stokes once they're over 65 years old.

In a study conducted on 7,000 people across three French cities, those who use olive oil were 41 per cent less likely to have a stroke.

Olive oil can be used to enhance the impact that herbs can have on a recipe.

According to, using different combinations of basil, thyme, sage, rosemary, oregano, coriander and bay leaves can help create a great herb-infused olive oil.

The website explained: "If there is a combination that you find particularly good with chicken, for instance, use that for one bottle of oil. Have another bottle with a combination of herbs and spices that’s good with red meat, another one to go with seafood, for salads."

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