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Coriander inspires passion says cookbook author

Coriander is essential for many meals says cookbook author

Cookbook author Michele Anna Jordan has said that the culinary herb coriander "inspires passion". 

While she admitted that many people didn't like the herb, Ms Jordan said she found it delicious and irresistible.

Coriander, she says, can appeal to almost everyone if prepared correctly, explaining that it comes from the same family of plants as cumin, dill, fennel and parsley.

The author of the Eat This Now blog wrote in the Press Democrat that coriander was essential to many recipes - especially salsa.

She also shared her all-purpose coriander sauce, which includes crushed garlic, salt, parsley leaves and extra virgin olive oil.

The simple sauce can then be used as its own condiment or as the base for more complicated sauces, depending on the type of cuisine.

"Although some people can take it or leave it, more seem either to absolutely adore it or utterly loathe it," Ms Jordan explained, adding: "I find it delicious, invigorating and, for the most part, irresistible." 

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