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Chefs encouraged to grow veggies for uplifting results

Amateur Gardening magazine urges chefs to grow their own ingredients

Chefs have been encouraged to freshen up their creative cuisines with fresh vegetables and herbs grown in their own gardens. 

Amateur Gardening magazine's editor, Tim Rumball, said it was "uplifting" to eat ingredients, such as rosemary, thyme, mint and basil, that you have grown yourself.

"Sow a seed in a pot of dirt, add a dash of water and a little sunshine, and watch as one of nature's billion marvels unfolds before your eyes," he encouraged.

"Being able to not only watch something grow from a tiny seed, but also be able to eat and enjoy it as the staff of human life is an additional benefit to the fruit or vegetable grower. There is little more uplifting than a delicious meal that you have had some hand in creating."

Mr Rumball's comments follow a recent trial by the NHS at Mayfield Nursery in Southampton, which offered gardening courses to depressed patients. 

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