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BBQ cooking for vegetarians has never been easier says Viva

Vegetarian BBQ food has never been easier says Viva

As barbeques become a more common sight in gardens across the country, cooks have been assured that it has "never been easier" to whip up some creative cuisine for vegetarian friends. 

Helen Rossiter, cookery manager for vegetarian advocacy group Viva!, boasted how easy it has become to buy vegetarian foods.

"Catering for veggies has never been easier. Even smaller convenience shops now commonly sell meat-free burgers and sausages," she commented.

"In health food shops and supermarkets the choice is often outstanding, as around 31 million people in the UK eat veggie most of the time now."

Ms Rossiter suggested that home chefs make use of the Vegetarian Recipe Club website to find "delicious recipes for every occasion".

Barbeque chefs can make the tofu burgers, seasoned with mixed herbs and paprika, or the tofu satay skewers, spiced with a pinch of chilli powder and ginger.

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