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Supermarkets and chefs develop ethical veal

Ethical veal hits supermarket shelves and top restaurant tables

Foodies interested in adventurous recipes may soon be able to cook with veal again, without worrying about the meat's origins.

Supermarkets and chefs have joined forces to create the special beef product in an ethical manner, rejecting the inhumane treatment of calves that saw the meat resoundingly rejected by society.

"I source rose veal from the Lake District, where a band of farmers are supporting each other to raise calves humanely," commented Stuart Gillies, the Savoy Grill's chef director.

Furthermore, veal sales are up by 300 per cent this year at M&S and 22 per cent at Waitrose, according to the Independent.

Sainsbury's shoppers will also be able to get their hands on an osso buco cut of veil over the meat counter in 25 branches. suggests that home chefs cook its mignonettes of veal with glazed chestnuts.

Seasoned with freshly ground black pepper, sea salt and topped off with parsley, the dish is served with artichoke bottoms, onions and whole cooked chestnuts.

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